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Gate and Remote Access

Please contact Lynn at Legacy Southwest Property Management for assistance with gate remotes and access codes. She can be reached at (214) 705-1615 or Lynn@legacysouthwestpm.com.

Please include homeowner name, address, contact phone number, and gate access phone number when requesting a remote.

Remotes are $30.00. One remote can be used to program multiple vehicles if the vehicle has that capability.

Access codes are # then the 4 digit number. You must enter # first.

When someone calls you from the gate, you will have 60-90 seconds to decide if you would like to allow access. If you wish to let someone in, push nine on your phone for 3-5 seconds. The gate will open.

If the gate directory doesn’t ring through to your phone please contact us so we can correct the directory.

In The Event of a Power Outage

(pictures are located below for clarity)

Remove the cover on top of the control box and rotate the red handle, then manually open the gate. The circuit breaker panel is located in between gates on the inside of the community. This information will also be posted on our community website so that you can refer back to it in the future as needed. Also, please see the pictures below showing the location of the circuit breaker panel and the control box. Please be sure to sign up and register on our Kingsbridge Community website and I will be happy to answer any further questions if needed.

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    July 25, 2017
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    July 25, 2017
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    July 25, 2017
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    July 25, 2017